To create an annual FUN-filled event which is accessible for all and promotes inclusion for the diverse and varied communities of those with disabilities.

The Festival of FUN (FOF) will create an environment for people with a disability (PWD) to enjoy, socialise, embrace, enhance and pursue a more enriched life which creates more opportunities.

To create a more comprehensive appreciation and understanding, not just of disability, but the lesser understood prejudices and attitudes, that people with a disability subtly and outwardly encounter on a day-to-day basis.

To create an environment where families can come together at an event where siblings of all abilities belong, are treated the same, feel included and safe.

We aim to empower people with a disability to live a fuller, more enjoyable life and provide financial support to people with a disability who cannot afford to support themselves.

To create a safe and secure event space which fosters inclusion as we build a global platform and come together as ONE VOICE.

The Foundation Legal and Due Diligence

The ARHG Foundation is a company limited by guarantee, a constitution and is registered with ASIC. We are a not-for-profit charity, with full ACNC/DGR status approval.

Guardians of the Foundation


“Creating lasting impacts for our Community”


“Creating lasting impacts for our Community”

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