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If you have a disability and would like an opportunity to get free tickets for you and your family (maximum of 4 persons) to go to the festival, please register your details for a chance to do so with our Pay it Forward program.

First in will be given preference So register ASAP

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We cannot guarantee that you will receive a ticket through our pay it forward initiative. If you have not heard from us by the 1st of October, you were unsuccessful. Not to worry though, you still have time to purchase a ticket here


  1. Registering does not guarantee that you will win free tickets.
  2. You confirm that the information you are providing is true.
  3. The event organiser or a party of their choice has the right to choose who receives the Pay It Forward tickets.
  4. Early registration may improve your chances, however, there is no guarantee of getting these tickets.
  5. The Pay It Forward program is solely for people with a disability and their families or individuals with a disability.
  6. You allow the ARHG Foundation and its partners to use the information you have provided on its website and for future promotional use.